We specialise on groupage shipments to Russia. Especially delivery of spare parts we carry out fast, reliable, at reasonable charges.


Principally our customers can choose between a basic version and a door-to-door service.

In the basic version, we provide transportation from our warehouse in Berlin to the warehouse in Moscow included import customs clearances in Russia.

In the door-to-door variant we additionally organize the respective pre- and on-carriage.


For European shippers especially the possibility of DDP deliveries is interesting since the supply of warranty and spare parts to Russia in many cases represents a problem for exporters. Often the Russian customers can or may not assist in the clearance of spare parts. Often the purchase contracts include free warranty shipment.

The solution: As part of our service we can ship warranty and spare parts on a DDP-basis without intervention of consignees in Russia. All payment issues are then settled outside Russia. So the Russian consignee needs not to worry about recording the merchandise in his balance sheet, neither will he be involved in customs procedures. Contact us for more information.