Groupage transport to Moscow

170526 openphoto truck

Our customs broker takes charge of the import customs clearance and the immediate payment of the applicable import duties.

We offer European senders the possibility to carry out DDP-shipments of groupage cargoes. In this variant, the sender pays all shipping costs incurred for shipment and customs clearance directly to Transeast Logistics.
Thas can be interesting for:

  • Delivery of warranty spare parts. The Russian recipient then is not confronted with additional costs or time spent at the customs office.
  • Advertising material;
  • Generally all acts of generosity by the sender;
  • Deliveries to Russian subsidiaries of international companies
    Large international companies operate central purchasing departments that are responsible for most purchases.The costs incurred are offset against receivables of the subsidiary. In this case, Transeast Logistics would physically deliver the goods to the subsidiary company and send the invoice the headquarters.
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