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1)  Which factors influence the pricing of Transeast?
2)  How long does it take a truck to cover the distance between Berlin and Moscow?
3)  Does Transeast also offer air freight?
4)  How are the goods insured?
5)  Which goods are not accepted for transport?
6)  Which information is needed for a quotation?
7)  Which export documents are required?
8)  Which documents receives the recipient?
9)  Which delivery confirmation receives the customer/consignor?
10) How is the billing procedure organised?



to 1) Prices

The prices depend on the weight and value of the goods. The lower price level starts at about 5 EUR per kg. High-quality goods cost up to 20 EUR per kg.

to 2) Run time

Regularly on Friday our groupage truck is loaded in Berlin. After about 12 calendar days the merchandise can be handed over to the recipient in Moscow.

to 3) Air freight

Very urgent goods can also be transported by air freight. On each Wednesday and Friday we can dispatch air freight. The starting price is 150 EUR per kg.

to 4) Insurance

The goods are insured at about 5 EUR per kg. On request, we contract additional insurance cover for individual shipments.

to 5) Export restrictions

Goods appearing on embargo lists we can not accept. When exports require a special approval, for example dual use goods, a Bafa-permission is necessary.

to 6) Offer

In order to draw up an offer, we need information about the price of the goods, gross weight, country of origin and manufacturer.

to 7) Information needed for offers

After the conclusion of the contract the customer should send us the export invoice and export declaration. For customs purposes we also need an accurate description of the product (preferably with photo).

to 8) Documents for the recipient

The recipient receives the information provided by the customs.
to 9) Documents for the sender

The client receives a handover confirmation signed by the recipient

to10) Invoice

After delivery we draw up the invoice.

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